[SLBP] Samurai Street Fair (come join!!)

Hello! It’s been a while since i’m here!

I’ll like to share something special about SLBP!

There’s currently a [Samurai Street Fair] going on for a limited time!

It’s like a real japanese fair, except that its not real πŸ˜›

You can purchase fashion, special stories and some other things that you might need!

To purchase stuff in the street fair, you will needΒ fair coins!

To get fair coins, you just need to read Main Stories / Event Stories!

Every chapter will give you 1 fair coin, you will get more if you finish a mission or a story πŸ™‚

So far, i’ve gotten a few stories off the street fair, it’s really special!

Not to mention, it’s so cute seeing the characters trying to tend the stalls and “walking” chibis!

Come join before it ends ^^

The fair coins can be obtained easily and you can buy special stories that normally don’t appear in the game ^^

I’m not sure if I will talk about the special stories that i’ve gotten, i’ll see how because some of them are pretty short πŸ™‚

Very happy to have this street fair because i’ve gotten myself a Kageie story! It’s really short but it’s better than nothing.

Thank you Voltageee x

I’ll end off here! Thanks for reading ^u^

// you can obtain fair coins till 07/18 10:59:59 and exchange them for items till 07/21 10:59:59 πŸ™‚Β 


[Love 365] Seduced In The Sleepless City: Mirai Kageyama Main Story Review \(//βˆ‡//)\

I think it’s been a while since my heart has got attracted to someone like that…

What more a college guy 😭

😫 okay I shall just move onto the review.

Honestly, I wasn’t interested in this app the first time I tried the prologue. I was like, uh.. okay probably not my type of story. Guess what, someone is on her way to downloading Party app soon! 😭

Okay, so there’s two characters for free this time round, Mirai and Noel? I thought why not just go for Mirai first and wow… I’m certainly good at this. As in, my intuition. πŸ˜‚

I’m in love. With the story.

I was a bit lost at first… but thanks to this certain K-Drama, everything clicked. Mirai is actually a con-artist (but he does good stuff) and I really had no idea what was that at first. He’s actually just a college student, who happens to be rich and also very intelligent. He is also able to get his hands on stuff that normal people wouldn’t be able to… that’s when I remembered Legend Of The Blue Sea, the k-drama that Lee Minho acted in… and bam! Oh! Lee Minho was also a con-artist in the show… no wonder the word felt familiar but I couldn’t really recall it at first.

Obviously MC being the one who is to interview him, she had a hard time getting to know him. Mirai was always joking around and nobody seemed to know the real him. Even on the first interview session, MC was brought to amusement park, aquarium and a restaurant. However she seemed to have not gotten any interesting news about him. Only till the end then Mirai tells her that these places are all owned(?) by him in a way… that’s hella rich. Or maybe he invested in them? I’m not very sure about that part. But that’s amazing for a 19 year old.

Poor MC was always getting teased at by Mirai. Even I got pissed and frustrated at how he was treating her. He was always like that, not being serious about anything.

Towards the middle of the story, it was revealed that he was actually a con-artist. But he does it to help people. His back story/past is pretty sad… with his mum passing on when he was young and his dad was too busy with the business.

That’s how Mirai actually got so smart at all these stuff. He read a lot and studied them because he hoped that someday, someone will pay attention to him. It’s quite sad actually T_T he’s really lonely…

But he has a good heart!

Though I was skeptical at first about him, I learnt to actually understand his character…and eventually fell for him.

He hides his past behind that smile of his, always teasing others. But he actually is very helpful and always listen to others’ problems.

The story was also very interesting because there was a few times where Mirai had to disguise himself during the act and carry out whatever he was planning. Super cool!

I never knew I would actually get to read a story like this…

He’s really cute in terms of appearance… which is why initially I didn’t think I would like him. And he was much younger. Haha.

Nothing against cute or young guys, just a preference for games. Haha

I guess I’m making an exception this time round!

He’s really cool and he’s reliable at times when MC needs his help.

Romance wise, it was quite evenly distributed along the story… quite cute actually. But also managed to get me to like it. A lot.

Overall it was such a great story! I was a bit surprised at how this app seems to be darker than others… but I’m also enjoying it ^^

I think I’ve written a bit too much haha. It was a very interesting read. It would be crazy yet awesome to date someone like Mirai.

Guys who are intelligent πŸ€“

Alright, I’ll stop here for now.

Thank you for reading!! ^___^


[SLBP] When Fate Brought Me To You: Tokugawa Ieyasu Event Route ~ Another Story Series ~ Review πŸ§‘

Hello!! Omg, it’s been such a longgg time since I’ve posted anything that is related to Samurai Love Ballad Party! I’m still very much into the game hehe. But I’m very slow in playing Main Stories… which is why I don’t really write reviews for it. But recently I finished Shigezane’s one ^^

I’ve been following on their events. Which I am very happy and thankful about. Sometimes they do have throwback events which we can enjoy once again ^^ this time round it’s something new! Or rather it’s the second time round already since it’s Book 2!

Another Story Event Series is seriously so amazing to me, it features MC meeting the samurais’ in another way, almost like in a parallel world. I’ll post screen shots to explain it since I’m really bad at it. Haha

(Belongs to Voltage Inc!)

Before I actually did Ieyasu’s Route, I already played Book 1 and honestly speaking, I didn’t know what was happening. I thought it was like a parallel universe or something. Until now, then I realised that it was actually like maybe a few years ago or maybe 10 years before they actually met her as ‘Yahiko’.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining it well but I guessed everyone understood the concept except me hahaha.

Ieyasu’s Route was so confusing for me at first. Until I reached the end and Tadatsugu said that he was being held prisoner when he was younger. Then I suddenly remembered them talking about Ieyasu being held prisoner in the past… that’s when everything clicked.

Apparently, this story seems to be much earlier and how differently MC met them.

Really great event, I’m so thankful!

Oh, so now onto his route review.

I’ve waited so long for his route I must say. I really do like him a lot. And it’s sad to say that I wasn’t expecting anything so cruel to happen in the route… it made my heart break 😦

This time round, MC was being asked to stay in the castle by the lord of the castle. But she wasn’t even asked to do anything except help out here and there. She discovers a part of the castle which is out of bounds to everyone as an “important guest” resides there. Obviously MC is going to go there πŸ˜‚ but the first time was because had lost a charm and she thought that it might have landed somewhere near the place. That’s where she met Ieyasu but there wasn’t any communication between them.

MC got found out by one of the maids who warned her to stay out. Honestly it felt so sad to know someone was just staying alone all by himself.

Not to mention, being a prisoner.

I forgot how MC got asked to be his chambermaid. The lord of the castle asked her to do it. But it was such an awful thing because she couldn’t do anything out of the list. A list which was handed to her, had the specific timing and chores delegated. She couldn’t do anything that wasn’t stated inside…

She wasn’t even cooking or doing anything that she liked in the castle. And now being a chambermaid, she was being asked to do as told. During a few times, MC wanted to do some other stuff that usual chambermaids would do, only to get asked if it was actually something new added to the list by Ieyasu.

Broke my heart reading it… I never knew we would actually get to read about how he was being held prisoner when he was much younger. It was crazy. Even if it was a clean place, having no freedom and being abused was something that nobody should have to go through. I forgot to mention that Ieyasu was actually being beaten by the lord of the castle and MC happened to see it.

I think I finally understood why he was so cold and distant in the main story. I thank Voltage for having this event story! It means so much. It really shows a lot about the samurais during their younger days.

If you haven’t read it, you still have a few more days till 6/18 10:59!

I truly recommend! πŸ™‚

It’s sad to know that MC was probably all Ieyasu had as human interaction and kindness. 😭 I think I love him even more now.

Thanks for reading!! One of the best events in my heart β™₯️


[Love 365] Class Trip Crush: Taketo Kanzaki Main Story (βŽβΜ΄Μ›α΄—βΜ΄Μ›βŽ)

Hiii, I’m back with another story review and this time round it’s Class Trip Crush!

I just finished reading it and I thought that I really wanted to share about it. It’s a very cute story. Alongside with a bit of jealously involved. πŸ˜›

Honestly I’m at that age where I prefer reading stories that are set around working life. But stories like these really reminds me of my school days. Very fun yet stressful hahaha

This story has a fairly short prologue, so I didn’t have to take too long to finish that. The entire story sort of is like an entire school trip. About 4-5 days. It’s quite different since normally the stories are about working life / normal everyday life. The entire main story is about the school trip so I thought it was quite unique and special 😌

With school trips, there’s got to be lots of fun ranging from bus rides to the food! I didn’t have that haha but in the story it’s that interesting ^^

For this story, the character is named Taketo and he has a fraternal twin named Yasuto. Their school actually merged with MC’s school just for school trips. That’s how the story started.

Taketo is always trying to chit chat with mc, I think he liked her from the start. From sharing the seats in the bus and then they were together when mc lost her way in the zoo. πŸ˜› that was quite unexpected haha.

I enjoyed how the story featured different places for the tour and it really felt so fun! Like they actually stayed overnight at these places.

I think it was a fairly cute story with MC also liking Taketo and stuff. But there ought to be some jealously right? It’s pretty normal to have such feelings back in school πŸ˜›

Taketo is popular with girls and stuff. But I think he doesn’t really know how to express his feelings. And sometimes he feels as if Yasuto is much better than him. Aw 😦

There were a few parts where their teacher caught MC and Taketo together. He always lied and said he was the one who brought MC out hahaha XDD funny story.

I was quite surprised at the part where MC’s Friend Chii, was always hanging around Taketo to talk to him. I wondered if she was angry because Taketo’s twin, Yasuto, likes MC.

It was a bit draggy during the middle where Taketo totally had the wrong idea. He misunderstood thinking that his Brother And MC were together. Im glad that in the end they cleared up the misunderstanding ^^

MC seemed a bit like a crybaby hahah (sounds like me) and the guys in the story were pretty cute. I personally like Homare 😌 he was always with a book. I guess he has his own charms.

MC’s girl friends are also pretty nice. They are always there for her!

Overall it’s a very cute story. Set in high school and it’s really fun going on school trips ^^ I’ve never experienced school trips that had me staying overnight outside, so this was a good read ^^

Taketo’s confessions are so cute!! I liked both endings ^^ but maybe the one where they were both outside a bit more. πŸ˜„ the scenery was great and they had their time all to themselves.

Nonetheless it was a cute story. I’m Glad that I read it ^^

Oh, and I just realised something… how is it that they always just go for ‘I love you’ when they confess? Don’t people just say ‘I like you’ first??? Or maybe that’s me πŸ˜‚ I just find it a bit surprising that in most stories, they seem to just say ‘I love you’.

Thanks for reading!!! ^^


[Love 365] My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka S1 Main Story Review


I have actually just finished reading his story (it’s ending tonight) so i thought i should quickly put in a review before i forget everything again 😑

It’s quite a surprise to have his Main Story on for free (just for a few days i believe) but i think its because they just released his Season 4! I can’t believe MLFK is having their 4th season already ;~;

If you haven’t tried his story, you should if you can catch it before it ends πŸ™‚

So onto the storyline, it was pretty typical – ayato wanting to “train” mc into someone who could go on dates and also maybe impress her date. He even brought her to shops and also dinner, claiming that it’s romance lessons.

The reason for above was because MC got rejected by Hiroki again. I liked how Ayato told her to stop being sad and to go out and actually put some effort into the things that she wants. I really liked that.

I think I’ve seen this trick too many times XD I’m sure it’s just Ayato who wants to spend time with her. The shopping and all must be some kind of excuses XD

Ayato was the closest to MC I believe. As he grew up to be an actor, their time became lesser and not to mention he moved away when they were in high school I believe.

It’s quite obvious that they would end up together but maybe I was expecting a bit more of storyline there. It was a pretty sweet story – it had a little bit of drama where Ayato had a stalker (which was his ex I think) and he had to stay over at MC’s house.

Personally I will like to say that I kind of love the parts when Hiroki was in. He wasn’t very nice at saying stuff but I get him. At the end of the day, he even “helped” MC to realise her feelings for Ayato.

I’m not very into the dating-a-celebrity thing and since they are already quite close, I guess it was just a transition from best friends to lovers.

It might have been a little awkward since MC was pretty dense (haha why am I not surprised) and she was quite sure that the love was one-sided and Ayato wouldn’t like her back.

I would say his story was fairly cute (some parts got me smiling) but other than that, it was quite okay πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

If you ask me, I’m Ichiya biased so yeah…

I’m still thankful to have read his story. If I have the chance, I want to try Hiroki and Makoto as well.

By the time I post this, his story is already off the list 😫 I had a bit of delay… but anyways thank you for reading!

Still happy that MC & Ayato finally got together β™₯️


[Love 365] Dreamy Days In West Tokyo: Ichigo Sato S1 Main Story Review (+ others!)

Hiiii, it’s been a while since I’ve updated anything in here.. I’ve been lazy @.@ but I thought I should really update something.

This time we have Ichigo’s Main Story for free πŸ™‚ it’s a fairly old app if I’m not wrong. I think I read the prologue before. But I wasn’t very interested in it. The characters in the story are quite young, in high school. I sort of prefer stories where the characters are around 20-ish. But I still gave it a try ^^

Ichigo is the typical guy who doesn’t show his feelings and he seems to be in a rebellious stage where he’s always just off doing his own things. MC is back after moving away, and she decides to help out at Ichigo’s family cake store.

The story was pretty okay. I find that it’s a bit lacking somewhere… but I don’t know where? Throughout the story, Ichigo wasn’t really expressing his feelings well and you could say MC was a bit dense as well… um.. I think it’s like me trying to say there wasn’t much of like interactions between them.

I was expecting them to hang out more often but Ichigo was always off somewhere else since he didn’t really like helping with the store. It was because he wanted to look cool I think.

I was a bit confused at the part where he mentioned that he said that he wanted to leave the town when he is much older… but that’s quite sad 😦 it seemed like a pretty nice place with the close neighbours and stuff.

And there was the issue with his Brother Togo who often travelled and not come back often. I could relate for that part because I too would be angry if people left and come back pretending nothing happened.

Romance wise… I would say it’s not bad. Though Ichigo was jealous most of the time. Haha. He certainly didn’t like MC hanging out with the rest of the gang. But he couldn’t really say that out.

The endings were quite nice! I think I sort of preferred the Happy Ending to the Super Happy Ending. I won’t write it here since I don’t want to spoil it. Overall I find his story quite okay. It seemed like it was a bit plain? I don’t really know how to describe it ;-;

It was still a good read since I like to try out different apps of theirs. So far i really do like their apps! I’ve never been disappointed so far. Normally I do like the guys who don’t really express themselves well.. but maybe Ichigo isn’t for me? I feel like trying either Haruki’s or Takeshi’s story. πŸ™‚

Oh, for the past few weeks I’ve also tried out their other free stories.

I think it included Issei + Shunichiro!

I’ve kept track but sometimes I can’t seem to remember well :O

Kiss of Revenge was good! It’s quite different from their usual apps… since it’s about revenge and finding out the hard truth. I did enjoy Issei’s story! But it was so heartbreaking T___T I too didn’t know the full story at first… but as I read through, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when the truth came out. Even I couldn’t believe it 😦 … Do give it a try! πŸ™‚

Irresistible Mistakes.. where do I even start???? I haven’t actually read such a mature-themed story from them. Shunichiro’s Route was WOW. The mature scenes + storyline = βœ”οΈ

I really wasn’t expecting such a great story. But I’m Glad that I tried out the free story πŸ™‚ since then I’ve actually bought Toma’s story πŸ˜‚ I’m obsessed with Toma 😫 I’ve seen many people also recommend Toma’s Route after I bought it. It seemed like he’s pretty popular ^^

If I have the time, I’ll write up about his route πŸ™‚ if you’re looking for a more mature storyline, you could try out Iresistible Mistakes. The other characters seems good too but I don’t have enough coins 😭

Yep.. so that’s it from me πŸ˜› I have been enjoying the Love 365 app a lot. If you haven’t tried it out, you should! πŸ™‚ log in daily for a spin!

It seems like they have a new feature β€” hearts. Though I have no idea what is it for? Maybe to purchase stuff? You could get it after finishing a story I think.. not very sure TT

Okay that’s it from me! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Have a great day everyone β™₯️

// happy birthday Dongwoon🧑//


[Love 365] Who Is Your Favourite Character In Irresistible Mistakes? β™₯️

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been in here for a new blog post. But this time round I would like to talk about one of their apps: Irresistible Mistakes!

I’ve actually just come across this app and I’m loving the storyline. I just don’t know whose route to buy… any suggestions?

I’ve read Shunichiro’s route since it’s free for the time being. But I don’t think he will be my favourite haha. It was a great read and something different from the usual voltage stories but I’m going to give another character a try ^^

If any of you do play the app and don’t mind sharing your fav character, please do leave me a comment ^^

And there’s a sale going on right now so do check out the app! I’m going to make full use of the sale πŸ˜‰

I’ll be back again with more reviews soon … when I’m not lazy πŸ˜›

Thank you for reading! 🌸