[SLBP] The Very Merry Samurai Street Fair πŸŽ„

(Cute right??)

It’s time for the Very Merry Samurai Street Fair!! Since Christmas is approaching… this is perfect!

Get yourselves some stories to keep as well as accessories 😊

The Acension Of The Divine Consort Event is also back for reads! Get Fair coins to use at the Samurai Street Fair!

Event features Ieyasu, Shingen, Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, Kenshin & Inuchiyo β™₯️✨

Have fun~~~


[SLBP] The Vows Of The Divine Suitor Event Review


This is just going to be a really short review since the event already ended already. This was unexpected cause I thought after the marriage event, that’s all we were gonna get.

Who knew that we would get Samurais’ POV?!

This I certainly had to read even if I have to go for battles…

Which I did, cause it was a pretty long event and I really had to clear the points…

I’m going to just write some after thoughts for the event.

It would be better if you had read The Divine Bride Event then this would make better sense~ but either way it’s still great.

It’s really rare to get their POV (it’s my fav actually) so this was really a great!

Out of all the events, my fav would obviously be my bias which is Ieyasu. I have no idea what is going on that brain of his. This event story of his is so precious!!!

He is always putting up such a “brave” front, I seriously have no idea what he was thinking. It was sad knowing that he didn’t want MC to be tied down by this marriage. Well, Nobunaga did say something along the lines of being at a disadvantage if you do marry Ieyasu. I think he was insecure and worried since he did consider it what Nobunaga said.

Though I’m Glad that for this event, he was a bit more straightforward with his actions such as the kiss on her finger before he left. I need more skinship!!! 😭

But it was truly touching when I was able to know what he was thinking all along…

He’s pretty cute at times 😍 he can be so rough with his words but deep down you know he is kind 😍

I also enjoyed other characters like Hideyoshi’s and Inuchiyo’s!

Though Hideyoshi’s Route was a bit more sad cause one of the retainers had died 😦 and Hideyoshi was blaming himself for it… it’s hard to see Hideyoshi wanting to help Nobunaga but also having to sacrifice his own thoughts… though in the end Nobunaga didn’t even helped him during the battle… I’m sure he was very disappointed and angry about it. Sometimes you just need to follow your own heart. Eeks war is seriously a cruel thing. TT the story is truly more interesting in his POV… he finally has his own family :’)

Inuchiyo’s Route was heart warming cause he finally managed to get his brother’s blessings and they cleared up the misunderstanding! It seemed like they both envied each other and it was great that they could talk it out and be happy at the end. I’m Glad that he decided to help out with the Maeda!

That leaves me with Nobunaga, Masamune and Kojuro…

Nobunaga’s Route was pretty good. Though at first he was pretty sure he would win the battle but in the end he didn’t… he even wanted to call off the wedding… oh and about MC being a hostage.. thank god it didn’t happened! That would have been crazy… imagine being held hostage somewhere else for years… I was truly terrified. I couldn’t imagine such things happening. Thanks to Lady Oda’s great words that saved the situation. But she was really brave though.. wanting to be made the sacrifice. Lol maybe it’s love…

Masamune’s Route was painful as well since his Mother made decisions without seeking him about it first and in the end, Kojirou nearly got in trouble. Though I was angry at his Mother, I felt pity for her as well… I understand that some parents do dislike their kids but this is insane. She nearly got Kojirou in trouble. Luckily for Masamune!!

And lastly Kojuro! Gah, he’s supposedly my favourite but nowadays I’m being charmed by Ieyasu -_- Kojuro’s Route was about how the Oda asking for an alliance with the Date?

Since Masamune told him to be in charge of his own castle and to take care of MC before the wedding, he didn’t want to involve himself with the matters. Though it wasn’t so easy cause he had the encounter with Mitsuhide at the onsen and he was literally in a dilemma. To be involved or not?

Though he thought it would be better to ally with the Oda since the Date would probably lose… I’m Glad that in the end they were able to sign a treaty which benefits both parties and not having to go for war. MC had encouraged him to go back and I thought that was a great move!

I ended up writing a lot… it’s all over the place cause I can’t really remember every detail of the event LOLOL

If you read all the way, thank you haha!

Truly interesting and makes their love story even better. I do enjoy being in MC’s POV but sometimes the guys’ POV is much needed. Thank you for the event!!! ^____^ very much enjoyed it!

The prizes of the event stories were beautiful!! As usual, if you want to see it, it’s on my Instagram account: @veeyexx

I would love to wear such a beautiful kimono in real life. β™₯️

Thank you for reading once again!

See you~


[Love 365] My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi Main Story Review

Hi! Today I’m back with Mako’s Story Review.

It’s been a while since I’ve done something related to Love 365. I really want to share this review since I’ve been wanting to try out his story. I think his story was even better than what I expected. I hope that you guys can give it a read too ~^^

I’ve always liked Mako for some reason. Maybe it’s his looks or the fact that he always takes good care of MC no matter what.

In other guys’ routes, he always supports her no matter what. And obviously when she ends up with another guy at the end… he could only congratulate her. And that’s so sad. 😦

So I’ve been wanting to try out his story and know about how he ended up with her at the end. He deserves to be loved!

The story leading up to the endings were quite okay. As in, I didn’t have much reactions to it and it was just the usual company stuff…

But, the reason for Mako to be so dedicated to his research is indeed something special to remember.

The whole time I was reading, I was wondering why he was so dedicated to his research. If you don’t mind the spoiler, it was actually for MC because when she was younger, she actually wanted 2 different types of flavoured candy. But her mom only allowed her to buy one type.. which then Mako wanted to realise this dream – which is to have a candy which is different flavoured at the same time! That was seriously so cool!

As I was reading it, I could feel that Mako really treats her as his special girl. Even to the point that he wants to make this dream come true, for both himself and his special girl.

If this isn’t special enough, I don’t know what is anymore.

Even though MC didn’t share his feelings at first, I could see that she slowly realised that he was always with her, protecting her.

Which gets me to the next point about Hiro… I seriously have no idea why he had to do that.. seriously that was unnecessary!

She would have helped no matter what… especially if she could and this was a company matter…

I have a hate and love relationship with Hiroki cause he is such a jerk in other guys’ routes but so poor thing in his own route… sigh

But thanks to Mako, MC was finally starting to see what was going on. If not, she probably would still like Hiro…

Eeks I think I said too much heeee, now onto my favourite part!

Which is the confession!!

Ahhhh!! Airport confessions!!


Okay, this was so funny yet so emotional at the same time cause she really thought he was flying off and probably work in another country… no joke. I thought that too. I was freaking out lol.

But when he said it was only for 10 days… ahaaa sorry for laughing omg.

But its all good!!!

After 20 years, he has finally gotten her to like him back ;’) that’s so sweeeeeeet!

Makoto, congratulations!!! I’m happy for you!!!

And so… this wraps up my review and I’m going to go off now! I feel like writing a few more but imma think about it πŸ˜›

Sorry for the spoilers in this review!

And thank you for reading!!

Let’s give Makoto more love!! His Season 4 is out!! ^____^

Good night! 🌸


[SLBP] Flirtatious Fascinations Event Review

Hi! I’m back with an event review!

The event ended this morning and I have to say, it’s one of the most interesting events I’ve played!

The storyline is a little different, more on the fantasy side, with either the lord or the MC being possessed by otherworldly creatures!

There was a tanuki, mermaid, celestial being, snake, rabbit and even a nine tailed fox!

I actually haven’t heard of such folklores(?) so it was a very interesting read for me. Though it’s probably not real.

The stories were shorter this time round, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless ^^

My favourite would have to be Ieyasu’s! Where the tanuki took the form of Ieyasu and treated everyone in the castle really well. He even gave them leaves. Omg. That cracked me up so badly. Poor toramatsu was holding onto the leaf and wondering what had gone wrong XD

It was funny seeing how Ieyasu was dealing with the tanuki (which looked exactly like him) and also letting him go despite the chaos that he had brought along. I knew he was a kind man hahaha.

The stories were all very interesting, like how Inuchiyo lost his voice due to the mermaid wanting to have him for herself.. Kenshin with the beautiful white snake and becoming possessive over MC..

The event also comes with lottery tokens whenever you finish a story, it allows you to spin for extra stories and also accessories that will bring Ieyasu to your closet…

Unfortunately I didn’t get it hahaha.

But still, it was a great event!!

I absolutely love the outfits given after you finished the stories!

If you would like to see photos of it: you may head on to my IG account!



I usually post outfits in my account after the event!

Thanks for reading!!

Have a nice day β™₯️β™₯️


[SLBP] Kakizaki Kageie Birthday 2017 & 2018 Birthday Stories Thoughts

Hello~ i’m back with a Birthday Story review!! πŸ˜€

This time featuring my new love – Kageie!

If anyone don’t know who i’m talking about, he is one of Lord Kenshin’s retainer! πŸ˜€ Actually, all of Lord Kenshin’s retainers are pretty cute and they seriously deserve even more love β™‘ they are so adorable! Especially Yoshichi hehe.

Anyways back to the topic, i’ve finally got my hands on his birthday stories! From 2017 and also this year’s! So excited to be sharing about it since i’ve waited a long time for this!

I’ve actually fallen in love with Kageie last year, after his event story with Kenshin. I guess you could say that it was love at first sight. His character is so attractive to me even though he always gives like short answers and sometimes he can seem *mad* through his way of speaking. But actually he isn’t. It’s just that he’s pretty straightforward.

After like 10 months plus, i’m finally in October!!! Yeah i actually counted down. Silly me.

His birthday is in the same month as Kojuro, which got me flustered cause i doubt i would have enough pearls for both characters. Luckily, i already have Kojuro’s birthday stories previously. Ah, luckyyy.

Anyways, let’s go on to talk about the birthday stories!

I’ll just do like a neutral review since i don’t want to spoil too much. I’ll try my best cause i get too excited all the time while talking about him n_n

I got his 2017 Romantic Birthday Story which comes with a makeup set for 12 pearls. Didn’t get the one which he celebrated with the other retainers. It was a pretty cute story considering it’s only 3 parts. I was pretty surprised at what happened because you never know what the hell Kageie will ever do xD I swear his teasing is so bad cause he teases like no tomorrow. I wish he would just say whatever he has in his mind. Poor MC LOL. But nonetheless, i enjoyed it. Anything with Kageie is great for me 8) I’m a happy girl! Sorry this seems pretty bland cause i really don’t wanna spoil it. D;

For the 2018 birthday set, it’s 25 pearls in total. Comes with a cute Kageie chibi (yasss do you hear me screaming in joy?!), Kageie’s fav candy & also a pretty hairstyle!! ^^ I’ve been waiting for a hairstyle like this since foreverrrrrrr. Finally!! The chibi is so cuteeeee and i love it so much. β™‘

Thank you Voltage for releasing this for us!!~

Onto the stories, there’s 2 in total.

1) You celebrate Kageie’s birthday with him.

A cute simple birthday wish! At first, i thought this story was also in his POV so i was like ‘huh?’ when it started out with MC’s POV. In the end, it was really in her/your POV. I must say, Yocchi & Tsugutsugu really cracks me up sometimes with their silly ideas. What do you expect from these cuties? xP Lord Kenshin is also very hilarious at times. But i have to say, their idea was pretty smart (and obvious) hahaha. It was an unexpected story with a little of Kageie’s POV near the ending. Cute story!! Warms my heart β™‘ though Kageie’s wish is really very simple and just a little weird? xD I think that is to be expected from him! I really enjoyed the story ^^

2) He celebrates your birthday! (yay!)

Did I mention that the story of him celebrating your birthday will be in his POV? All the more to buy it and read it over and over again β™‘

I totally forgot about this story in the set and i was shocked when i realised, oh, he’s celebrating MC’s birthday?! YEAYYY

Story is in Kageie’s POV!!!

It’s a hilarious story to me thanks to Yocchi and his wonderful planning. Kanetsugu is right. Yocchi is enjoying the plan way more than MC is going to. But, i’m surprised that Kageie actually went along with it. I would have be thrilled to have him celebrate my birthday, with or without plan! πŸ˜›

It’s even more wonderful that MC celebrating his birthday actually. I was so into this story and man, I was not disappointed! πŸ˜€ My fav part is probably the ending. ^^

And, apparently in this birthday story, they are dating. *squeals*

I need his Main Story and maybe more events!!! *please grant my wish, voltage!*

No regrets buying his storiessss.

Oh crap it’s already 700 words omg.

I shall end here.

I don’t think i’ve been so into a side character this much until Kageie. If you wish to see more craziness of me talking bout Kageie, you can check out my IG @/veeyexx where I tried to draw him. That is how crazy I am.

And, i kid you not, i actually can’t draw for my life. But for Kageie, i tried. I really wanted to just try drawing and yeayyy i did it!! *happy tears*

But thank you for reading. I hope you buy his story if you adore him, if not you will have to wait another year for it! Now, we don’t need history happening again. It was crazy tough waiting 10 plus months. Don’t make the same mistake like me.

And i shall end off here!!

See you again!!~





[BMPP] Main Story Endings


I’ve actually got a question for people who have played Be My Princess PARTY! Anyone of you knows the difference for the different endings? I’ve tried Google but it doesn’t seem like anyone said anything about it…

I’m actually looking for a ‘His POV’ ending! Does it actually exist in any of the endings?

If any of you do know the different types of endings, please do tell me!

I’ve finally reached 72000 Royal Factor for the second time (phew!) and now I get to choose the ending ^___^

I’m guessing Happy End is His POV judging from the events… but I’m not too sure!

Please help me out ☺️ thank you!

Thank you for reading! ^^


[JP Drama] Lady Girls γ‚ͺγƒˆγƒŠε₯³ε­ | Voltage Inc characters spotted! ;)

Ahh, it’s been a while since I’ve actually watched any Japanese dramas. I found this by chance on VIU and I thought, why not give it a chance? πŸ™‚

It has 10 episodes and I finished watching it in like 2-3 days! The plot is fairly good, it talks about 3 ladies who ages are around late 30’s to 40. About how they are still a girl at heart even though their age isn’t young anymore.

The show revolves around them searching for love and also shows a lot about their wonderful friendship!

I have to say, I didn’t expect the main lead to be working in a mobile game app company. It happened to be Voltage Inc’s! I was so shocked to see Our Two Bedroom Story characters like Minato & Tsumugu!! I wondered if they reached out to them to use their characters or something πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ it’s amazing to see the game company featured in the drama that I was watching!

Eisuke!! This seems like a Party app XD

I’m late to the show since this was filmed in 2015 I believe. But I truly enjoyed watching it.

It was a bit hard to watch at first since the main lead had found love but in the end got dumped… 😦 and when she and Takayama was arguing about the different things that people do when they are in love… hahah

No matter the age, we all can be young at heart!

It doesn’t mean that you don’t get butterflies or don’t feel emotions when finding love at 40! I was angry at what Takayama said to Aki but I’m Glad that he finally managed to think in a different light afterwards.

The ladies experienced many obstacles while looking for love. In the end, only Aki managed to get a boyfriend (which was the novel writer) and I’m happy that she finally found someone suitable for her.

As for Moeko & Midori, even though they didn’t get together with anyone, they were happy with the choices that they made and who knows, something good might happen in the future ^^

I absolutely adore Midori’s kids!!! Her three sons are so obedient and they are so cute. She’s truly a wonderful Mother. She works hard for them and she has a wonderful relationship with her kids.

I felt a bit sad that she didn’t exactly return the feelings for her son’s teacher. But it was probably cause of the age gap and she already mentioned that her kids are her priority.

As for Moeko, I’m thankful that she didn’t end up with the president. Seriously I can’t believe he dated so many girls at the same time! She would be better off with Tashiro… but she might be thinking of being independent first. Since she finally moved out and started to live by herself.

It was a fun show and there were times when I laughed, cried, but I truly enjoyed it. Japanese dramas always have so much meaning and I really enjoyed watching them.

What more, finding out that the show actually features the games o.o

Their love life wasn’t all smooth, instead it was Super rocky but at the end of the day, they chose the best choice out of all for themselves.

Just wanted to mention how my heart broke whenever Aki’s colleagues were bad mouthing her and there was this once when she did the 10,000 books by herself… her colleagues really need to grow up T_T and that younger guy who likes her… TT

Anyways, this is about it. Glad that I watched this! Heeee.

Okay bye!! Thanks for reading if you did ^^

*screenshots from VIU*